Artist's Statement

I believe that beauty is the balm for madness. I reach for beauty, I search for beauty.

My work is a form of self-portraiture. It is born out of a need for solace in a chaotic world. Rather than obsess over things I cannot control; the climate, politics, social strife and despair, I obsessively control the surfaces of my objects and build relationships between unlike materials.

My pieces emerge from time spent with the materials I continually collect: beads, nails, wood, paper, color in every form and medium. I develop the pieces as I walk our woods and fields and observe the land, the rhythms and the organisms around me. I do not strive to reproduce what I see. Rather, I strive to reproduce the feelings of closeness I have to the land through rich and complex colors and textures. My work sustains me, and it is an offering to others to drift into a place of safety and contemplation.